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+ 322 I want to come back to barefooted land,
Where I wasnít aware of sorrow and lie.
In my declining years I canít forget it.
Really, I donít know why.
Alexander Alpeev

+ 360 Writing wasnít easy to start. After I finally did it, I realized it was the most direct contact possible with the part of myself I thought I had lost, and which I constantly find new things from. Writing also includes the possibility of living many lives as well as living in any time or world possible. I can satisfy my enthusiasm for research, but jump like a calf outside the strict boundaries of science. I can speak about things that are important to me and somebody listens. Itís wonderful! Virpi Hameen-Anttila

+ 70 Rome wasnít built in a day.

+ 131 Most people arenít happy. They sing songs like they are. Make up cute little stories. Post pics of the rare times when life wasnít dreadful. Most people are stomaching this whole affair called life. Are these people complainers? Probably. Most are. But theyíre also just blokes whoíre too afraid to take a risk. So they live lives in a redundant cycle of complacent apathy. Then these people wallow around day after day in their unhappiness. The more you do that, the more you lose sight of the chances you could take to make things better. Sarah Noffke, Revived