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+ 317 A river of life has become dry.
The banks overhang.
The noise of the brook
Is slightly heard.
Letís drink for life.
It isnít so sad.
Alexander Alpeev

+ 267 They will say, Come with us. Letís ambush and kill someone; letís attack some innocent people just for fun. Mishlei 1:11

+ 284 Letís swallow them alive, as death does; letís swallow them whole, as the grave does. Mishlei 1:12

+ 396 Come, letís make love until morning. Letís enjoy each otherís love. Mishlei 7:18

+ 292 It goes without saying that in order for me to buy a teapot at the Oneida, Ltd., outlet store at the Sherrill Shopping Plaza, the second coming of Jesus Christ had to have taken place in the year 70 A.D. To the Oneida Community, 70 A.D., the year the temple in Jerusalem was destroyed, marks the beginning of the New Jerusalem. Which means weíve all been living in heaven on earth for nearly two thousand years. Everyone knows there is no marriage in heaven (though one suspects thereís no shortage of it in hell). So, the Oneidans said, weíre here in heaven, already saved and perfect in the eyes of God, so letís move upstate and sleep around. (Iím paraphrasing.) Sarah Vowell, Assassination Vacation

+ 303 So when you see the next consumer mobile or internet product with millions of engaged users, letís stop asking about their business model expecting a clever answer Ė theyíll have dozens of off-the-shelf solutions to choose from Ė and instead, letís start asking about the parts of their business that arenít commoditized yet.

+ 223 Letís consider some pros and cons of it.

+ 323 Take me with you; letís run together. The king takes me into his rooms. We will rejoice and be happy with you; we praise your love more than wine. With good reason, the young women love you. Song of Solomon 1:4

+ 324 My lover spoke and said to me,
Get up, my darling;
letís go away, my beautiful one.
Song of Solomon 2:10

+ 319 There are young figs on the fig trees, and the blossoms on the vines smell sweet.
Get up, my darling; letís go away, my beautiful one.
Song of Solomon 2:13

+ 348 Come, my lover,
letís go out into the country
and spend the night in the fields.
Song of Solomon 7:11

+ 304 Letís go early to the vineyards
and see if the buds are on the vines.
Letís see if the blossoms have already opened
and if the pomegranates have bloomed.
There I will give you my love.
Song of Solomon 7:12