+ 188 Adah bore Eliphaz to Esau and Basemath bore Reuel. Bereshit 36:4

+ 224 And these are the names of the chieftains of Esau, according to their clans, according to their places, by their names: Chief Timna, Chief Alvah, Chief Jetheth; Bereshit 36:40

+ 171 Chief Oholibamah, Chief Elah, Chief Pinon, Bereshit 36:41

+ 183 Chief Kenaz, Chief Teman, Chief Mibzar, Bereshit 36:42

+ 228 Chief Magdiel, Chief Iram. These are the chieftains of Edom according to their dwelling places in the land of their possession. That is Esau, progenitor of the Edomites. Bereshit 36:43

+ 141 Then all the wise men who were doing the work of the Holy came, each one from his work, which they had been doing. Shemot 36:4

+ 179 Even if the children of Israel will have a Jubilee, their inheritance will be added to the inheritance of the tribe into which they marry, and their inheritance will be diminished from the inheritance of our father's tribe. Bamidbar 36:4