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+ 414 In this present life, I reckon that we make the nearest approach to knowledge when we have the least possible concern or interest in the body, and are not saturated with the bodily nature, but remain pure until the hour when God himself is pleased to release us. And then the foolishness of the body will be cleared away and we shall be pure and hold converse with othe pure souls, and know of ourselves the clear light everywhere; and this is surely the light of truth. For no impure thing is allowed to approach the pure. These are the sort of words, Simmias, which the true lovers of wisdom cannot help saying to one another, and thinking.

+ 242 Not to have sexual relations with a menstrually impure woman Lev. 18:19

+ 212 An impure Kohen must not eat Terumah Lev. 22:4

+ 293 Not to eat Ma'aser Sheni while impure Deut. 26:14

+ 213 To send the impure from the Temple Num. 5:2

+ 217 Impure people must not enter the Temple Num. 5:3

+ 271 Impure people must not enter the Temple Mount area Deut. 23:11

+ 235 Impure Kohanim must not do service in the temple Lev. 22:2

+ 242 An impure Kohen, following immersion, must wait until after sundown before returning to service Lev. 22:7

+ 248 Not to eat from sacrifices which became impure Lev. 7:19

+ 223 An impure person must not eat from sacrifices Lev. 7:20

+ 215 To burn all impure sacrifices Lev. 7:19

+ 237 Every impure person must immerse himself in a Mikvah to become pure Lev. 15:16

+ 219 Jerusalem does not become impure through touching; Jerusalem will not be split by the tribes. Talmud, Yoma 12a