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+ 204 During the week we stray away from Godís thought of us. On Shabbos we return to Godís mind.

+ 208 Shabbos lifts us up from our worldliness.

+ 189 On Shabbos, the worlds rise to their source.

+ 206 On Shabbos, God thinks the world into existence.

+ 235 If we canít do Teshuva every night, at least we can the night before Shabbos.
In this way we become more sensitive to the holiness of Shabbos.

+ 183 Shabbos is the Soul of the world.

+ 183 Shabbos gives us the power to elevate time to holiness.

+ 235 Six days of the week we work to separate the holiness out of the weedays,
doing good, stauing away from evil,
sifting the Holy Sparks that were hidden in the week,
then everything is elevated on Shabbos.

+ 205 Shabbos is unchanging, eternal. The weekdays are constantly changing, up and down, up and down, But on Shabbos, everything is complete.

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+ 168 Shabbos is a day when everything we do is holy.

+ 204 Shabbos is practice for the world-to-come. Weekly practice in living in a world that doesnít need fixing.

+ 192 On Shabbos you donít have to believe in holiness because you can see it.

+ 305 Your existence is a miracle of the Almighty! Anyone who keeps Shabbos and Mitzvahs in this time is a walking miracle. Anyone who tries to bring holiness into his or her life, is a walking miracle!

+ 85 Shabbat Shalom or Gut Shabbos ?

+ 110 Before the war it was not uncommon for a Jew to live his entire life in a shtetl, a village, with a population of which ninety per cent were Jewish. For many, the only contact with non-Jews was when the so-called 'Shabbos Goy" came to their homes on Shabbat mornings during the cold winter months to light the stove. Now it so happened that Schmerel, a Jew from the shtetl, had reason to visit the Shtot - the big city. Schmerel was of course amazed by the tall buildings, the factories, the roads, which he passed on his way to the Jewish section. But what really shocked him was the small number of Jews compared to the huge number of non-Jews. Turning to a fellow Jew he exclaimed, "Why on earth do you need so many Shabbos Goys?"